Thursday, June 16, 2011

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Monday, December 6, 2010

Kevin Trudeau is doing Spiritual energy Healing

We think Kevin Trudeau is doing Spiritual energy Healing while teaching the Secret and the Law of attraction!

These are some of the recent websites talking about the Global information network:

Spiritual Energy Healing Is Easily Learned

Spiritual Energy Healing Is Easily Learned. For example: Laser Reiki energy healing is taught a 4-day workshop in a beautiful retreat center -- south of Olympia, WA

After a Spiritual Energy Healing you feel as free as a ship on the sea!

Taylore and Roi are a married couple and they share years of Spiritual Energy Healing study and training in the healing arts, as well as, in the Spiritual Nature of humanity. They experimented with their Spiritual Energy Healing using principles of new quantum physics that demonstrates the impact on our physical reality at quantum, atomic and sub-atomic levels. Issues of sickness always contained stuck emotions. These negative and stuck emotions could be removed with Spiritual Energy Healing actions of pulling out the problem. It does not matter where the problem is: childhood, present life or even a past life time. The process is much like defragging a computer.

After a Spiritual Energy Healing you feel as free as a ship on the sea!

In the Spiritual Energy Healing they utilize parts of Reiki healing modalities to get to the root cause of issues. Using elements of Kinesiology (muscle testing), for example, they establish direct contact with an individual's sub-conscious mind and begin an elaborate dialogue with the inner knowingness.

This Spiritual Energy Healing technique reveals blockages, which are immediately targeted with the "Laser Reiki" energy flow.
Tel. 360-748-4426

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Increase your Spiritual Energy

You can become an initiate of energy healing Reiki Classes. This will increase your Spiritual energy.
Reiki Master: There is typically a dramatic life-altering change that accompanies the initiation into the Master Level of Reiki

Your desires for a better/healthier life may surface naturally. You may feel the need/desire to eat more healthy. This is a natural progression. Some have less desire to eat meat. It is actually rather common (at least in my experience) to hear that a new Reiki Master is also a New Vegetarian or Vegan.

For me, personally, it was the the feeling of well-being, peace and harmony -- with less worry and stress in my life. WooHoo -- stress free -- at last!

Reiki Mastery helps all have less stress and worry even in the home and work place! This peace and joy is wonderful to me, but some of the people in my life find it a little unsettling. I no longer react like I used to.

Imagine, you're driving down the freeway in the car pool lane on the way to Seattle with this worry-proof guy and the vehicle has a blowout and your companion, says "Don't worry, something good will come along. Would you care for a piece of chewing gum?" See how this kind of thinking is uplifting? We all believe that thoughts are things. Right? Now, can you see how a worry free train of thoughts will help you create a good situation out of a bad one?

Becoming a Reiki Master will increase your flow of Source energy -- Receiving the transmission of the Master Symbol is the catalyst that begins the transformation from what you "are" now to what you will become, a True Master of your destiny. Everyone starts this process with becoming a Reiki 1-- it is a big event to increase your spiritual energy flow. Remember this is not an ending, but each attunement is yet another beginning!

One analogy I'd like to offer is that of planting a new houseplant fed on just water and soil. It grows enough, and develops roots and leaves, and attains some size. But now imagine putting the exactly PERFECT fertilizer it needs, placing it into a south facing window with ample sunshine, perfect temperature and humidity, and loving it with your Reiki energy. Now, Imagine the difference that would make in the growth of a house plant!

Now imagine you are the PLANT. You are nurturing yourself with an increased flow of spiritual energy -- This is Reiki Mastery.

Take a Reiki course to increase you connection to Source energy.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Spiritual Energy Healing Classes

The Name: Reiki is a Japanese -- energy healing technique or method -- for stress reduction and relaxation and it also promotes health, well-being and healing of sickness.

Actually Reiki uses a spiritual energy that is taught in spiritual energy healing classes at the Reiki Ranch School.

It is administered either by hovering of the hands over the physical body or by "laying on hands".

Spiritual energy healing
is based on the idea that an unseen / invisible "life force energy" flows through the universe and through our bodies; it is the source of all life. There is no life without this tao or spiritual energy.

The Reiki Ranch south of Seattle (north of Portland, OR) gives Spiritual Energy Healing Classes -- called Laser Reiki Level 1-4 that is a 4-day energy healing workshop.

During the Spiritual Energy Healing classes you learn about the application of both Quantum Physics and ancient Metaphysics.

This fact Might this make some diseases easier to explain, especially those which have no apparent physical cause?

Energy blockages are caused by stuck emotions.

The student learns to "seek and destroy" negative energy -- so to speak. A good connection with spiritual energy can be restored once the dark energies are removes and reprogrammed. Just like a computer can get stuck on junk software and viruses, the human vehicle can also become stuck in anger, blame, keeping score, getting even, sadness, fear, stress and worry.

Energy blockages, low and dark energy might this make miraculous cures easier to explain? So when the dark energy is released -- health and joy are restored. Laser Reiki Level 1-4 is your starter class in learning how to do the process in just a few moments time. Muscle testing is used to find the problem and test the results. The Reiki ranch give this training 3 times a year.

Remember this while reading here about Reiki.
  • Reiki is natural to the human -- in fact it is hard wired into our natural abilities.
  • Reiki is very easily learned, very simple to use, and beneficial for all.
  • Reiki or spiritual energy healing are one of many forms of healing tha is available through the use of the natural forces.
  • Reiki is another name for Tao or Chi and has been used by ancient Chinese mystics for thousands of years.
Welcome to The Reiki Ranch spiritual energy healing school and the Reiki Ranch energy healing blog. Hope you choose to learn these methods and change youe own lives like we have! We teach you to manifest your dreams -- by getting rid of the negative energy. Your dreams need to have a good landing field. We help you create that by releasing blockages.